Why are moms and dads the first words a baby speaks?

"Mama" or "Papa (Dada)" is given as a representative of the words that the baby talks for the first time when he is born. Although it may be the most familiar existence, it seems that there are other factors in recent research also.

When I asked 22 newborn babies the words of the law contained in "Mama" and "Dad", it seems that a reaction in the brain has occurred. Let's see what kind of things happened

Details are from the following.LiveScience.com: Life's Little Mysteries - Why Are 'Mama' and 'Dada' a Baby's First Words?

When I looked at the brain's brain with a brain scan, when I heard repetitive words such as "Mama" and "Daddy", I found that the activities of the left frontal cortex were active It seems. Also, words whose end is repeated (for example,Lion"The same result was obtained, etc .. On the other hand, it seems that no response was seen for words that are not repeated.

From this, it seems that the words that repeat the same reading themselves are easy to recognize words even in babies and that they are words to learn efficiently. Therefore, "Mom" and "Papa" of the parents' words that are widely used globally are the most familiar and repetitive words, so it seems that the baby often talks about words at first.

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