What is CM of Calvin Klein who was too sexy to be broadcast prohibited?

Calvin KleinNew perfume "Secret Obsession"It seems that the broadcast was forbidden about 1 month ago because the commercial is too sexy.

It appeared in CMEva Mendes. Often it is ranked in the top of the "sexy ladies" rankings, and in this CM this is lying all-naked on the bed.

It is not broadcast on TV, but it is uploaded here and there on the net. Playback is from the following.
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It is still on YouTube.

YouTube - Eva
YouTube - Eva Mendez - Calvin Klein - Secret Obsession

There are also other sites.

Eva Mendes Banned TV Commercial Video

Banned Eva Mendes Calvin Klein TV Commercial | Frillr

Fabien Baron, Creative Director who produced this commercial, said, "Are you stupid about me, this country needs a new president, it's messed up." In addition, she adds that "she is a little sexy but not provocative."

In addition, Calvin Klein is planning to actively propaganda with this momentum using Eva Mendes, and already the following images and others are introduced.

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