How to keep the dish sponge clean

It is a sponge that usually washes dishes etc in the kitchen, but it is in a place with a lot of water and washing various items, so bacteria are easy to reproduce. Especially in the summer and the like, the breeding of the fungus is quick and often smells are emitted at once. If you wash another piece of dish with such a sponge, it will be a situation that you put on fungus, rather than clean it. So I will show you how to disinfect dishes for dishware and how to keep it beautiful. It is worth trying once because it is a thing that you usually use.

Details are from the following.How to Clean a Dish Sponge | Kitchenware

■ What you need
· Dishwashing dishwashing detergent (In original text, there is "Antibacterial Detergent", but in Japan it is from "Tokyo"Do not have excessive expectation for detergent of "disinfection" indication! It is!"Notice that has come out)
·hot water
· Tongue or oven mitt

1.Put a small amount of detergent in hot water.

2.Wash the sponge thoroughly with the hot water made above.

3.Rinse thoroughly with water.

Four.Put the sponge in the bleach diluted with water. (In the source, 1 gallon (about 3.8 liters) of water and 1 cup of tea spoon bleach)

Five.Place the sponge containing sponge water diluted with the above bleaching agent in a microwave oven.

6.Heat in a microwave oven for up to 2 minutes. There is a possibility of burning so be careful looking. Stop heating as soon as scorching begins.

7.Wait a few minutes until the heat gets cooled to some extent.

8.Tongue removes the sponge from the microwave oven.

9.Replace with a new sponge between 1 week and 2 weeks.

In addition, there seems to be the following tricks.

·Keep two sponges in the kitchen.

·After washing dishes with raw meat and fish dishes, do sponge sterilization.

·Sponges containing scrub and metal can not be sterilized by microwave oven. In that case stop it where you put it on bleach diluted with water.

·If you are concerned about smell, spray vinegar before heating in the range.

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