Lighter fuel consumption sports car with litter of about 29 km appears next year

Trident Iceni ", a sports car capable of running around 2000 km if it is full of gasoline, is expected to be released next year.

It may be a good car for those who want to ride cars that are fast, comfortable and fuel efficient even now that the gasoline price has increased due to the soaring price of crude oil.

Details are as below.The sports car that will get to venice and back on one tank | Mail Online

This is the appearance of the new Trident Iceni. It is said that about 2.3 million pounds (about 460 million yen) is spent on development.

It accelerates to about 96 km / h in less than 4 seconds, the maximum speed is about 320 km / h.

Unique design. The number of sales is limited to 500, and the price is about 15 million yen.

The official site of Trident is below.

Trident - The new Trident Iceni

The new Trident Iceni uses biofuels. It seems that there was a record that fuel economy was about 29 kilometers when running at about 110 km / h.

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