New iPod series and iTunes 8.0, which became cheaper, announced on September 9

The other day at GIGAZINEA new iPod that cheaply became soon might appearWe announced, but apparently the announcementIt will be held on September 9It seems that there is a high possibility.

What kind of new product will you see? There are already such designs leaked from each side, and various overseas blogs dealing with various rumors related to Apple are beginning to make noise.

Details are as follows.
Apple Event for September 9th? - Mac Rumors

AppleInsider | Consensus builds for rumored Sept. 9 iPod event

Electronista | iTunes 8 due Sept. 9, first feature leaked?

Rumor: Apple Event for September 9th

According to each article of these blogs, it seems that there is a high possibility that Apple's next new product release will be held on September 9th of the US time.

At the recital, the design is redesigned "iPod nano", a little handed "iPod touch" and "Recommended Engine" iTunes 8.0 etc are on sale, and some products will be cut down It may be that.

As if to support this, the mock of next generation iPod which is told that it leaked out from a certain iPod accessory maker in China is released on the following blog.

New! IPod Nano 4TH Gen Touch Screen - iDealsChina - iPhone 3G Accessory Directory

The left is the 2nd generation, the right is the 4th generation (unpublished)

Viewed from the top

Side view

I tried it from the top

Furthermore, what is said to be the next iPod CAD data is said to have leaked out from a certain Canadian iPod related accessory sales company.

In addition, for some reason already unpublished "for iPod" silicone cases are on sale ....

For iPod nano 4G Silicon Skin Case

It is not certain whether a new product presentation will be held really on September 9, but it has already been reported from Apple to retailers "Do not have more iPod inventory any moreIt seems that it is ordered to be ordered and it seems that there is some kind of movement in the near future and it seems almost like a mistake, so it may be good to see the user who is considering purchasing iPod.

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