Ten cases of people who are medically unbelievable

People suffering from unusual symptoms in the world, no treatment is found, and there are people who are constantly fighting the disease. Although it is recognized as a disease, there seem to be various symptoms, from why treatment is unknown to why such symptoms are occurring, to those that can not be proved scientifically.

Details are from the following.10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

1. A woman who makes orgasm 200 times everyday

Sarah Carmen (24 years old) living in the UK is extremePersistent arousal syndrome (PSAS)It seems that it has suffered from an illness called so and has come to greet the orgasm with a little thing. Initially, it is about 150 orgasms in half a year gradually worsened, now it has got to have orgasm about 200 times a day.

2. A man who can not get fat

Male's name is Perry (59 years old). He is called lipodystrophy, suffering from a disease that burns fat rapidly, so he said that no matter how much you eat, you do not get fat at all. Also generated in the bodyInsulinThe amount is generated six times that of normal people. Perry seemed to be fat when he was a child, but he gradually lost weight since about 12 years old, and seems to have lost his weight no matter how much I ate it.

3. Men who do not feel cold

Male's name is Mr. Wim Hof ​​(48 years old). It seems that it is also called an ice delivery person because of the characteristic that does not feel cold. Scientists also can not explain why Mr. Hof does not feel cold.

4. Sleepy infant

The boy's name is Rhett Lamb (3 years old). He seems to be unable to sleep at any moment. Rhett Lamb You seem to be in a state that the shape of the brain is abnormal and the brain is pushed into the spinal column. As a result, it is thought that the brain stem is pressed and abnormality is occurring.

Details and movies are here.
A 3 year old boy who never slept since birth - GIGAZINE

5. Moisture allergy girl

The girl's name is Ashleigh Morris (19 years old). From the age of 14Aqueous urticariaIt depends on a very rare illness of saying that it can not take a bath or take a shower because it runs painfully when it comes in contact with moisture. Also, it is painful even to sweat.

6. A woman who can not forget

Even if ordinary people are asked "What happened on ○○ 年 ○ 月, ○ 日?", I can remember if it is a recent event, but I can only remember a certain degree of memory. This woman named codename AJ can remember the memory of the past 25 years accurately, for example, what kind of thing did you do with yourself when asking "What happened on ○○ 年 ○ 月, ○ ○?" It seems that you can tell in detail what the main incident, news and weather on that day was.

7. Girl who eats only Tic Tacs sweets

The girl's name is Natalie Cooper (17 years old). What she can only eatTic TacsOnly sweets called. Moreover, it seems that I can only eat mint flavor. He said that he suffered from illness which makes me feel uncomfortable when I eat other foods.

8. Musicians Who Can not Stop Hiccups

The name of the musician is Chris Sandoz (24 years old). He seems to believe that he / she thinks that hiccups do not stop as gastric acid backflows because the stomach valves are damaged, but he is still under medical treatment and he does not know the exact cause. Mr. Sandos says that being hiccuped does not stop hindering his career.

9. A girl whose body collapses when laughing

Before,A woman whose body collapses each time she laughsA girl introduced in the article. It is a condition that becomes a condition that you can not move with high emotion.

10. Modern technology allergic women

It is said that a painful rash occurs because it reacts sensitively to electromagnetic fields emitted from computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc., and fumes originating from cars and the like. It seems that we have not yet found an improvement method and built a house that is not affected by the electromagnetic field so that a rash does not occur.

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