The oldest man in the world died

The Indian man who seemed to be the oldest in the world died. According to the record male was born on 28th May 1870, he said he was 138 years old. How does one feel when you live like this long?

Details are as below.The world's oldest man dies at the age of 138 | Mail Online

Mr. Habib Mian before life.

Habib Mian, who was 138 years old, died from his home in the Alwar region of India. The Indian version Guinness Book "Limca Book" says that Mian is the oldest in the world. However, it is written in his pension book that it was born on May 20, 1878, so there is no record in the Guinness Book of Records.

Habib Mian buried in the ground.

Mr. Mian has the longest pension receipt record and the record that he was pilgrimaged to Mecca at the oldest age and it seems that his birthday had become a public event after people were known of his age.

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