An idol's "photo session" which won't deserve of paying

Household electronics retailer "Yamada Denki" is going to invite their first 100 customer purchasing degital camera to the "special photo shooting session" of an idol singer.

But there are number of incredible qualification which make the photo session seem very odd.

Detail follows.

(Japanese)Canon Presents photo session of Ekika Miyoshi

"Hello! Project" is one of the most popular idol group in Japan. They have a large choice of girls to fit various fanboys' taste. Their attempt seems to go well for now.

Utilizing girls' popularity with those fanboys, Yamada Denki is going to have an photo shooting session of the group's member Erika Miyoshi at 15:00 on August 30 (Sat) - 16:00 at their store in LABI1 Takasaki.

Since the event is sponsered by Canon, one should purchse Canon's camera to be invited and of course you must use Canon's camera only.

But there's an oddly strict qualification.

You can't have the data of the picture you took during the session.

Can you call this a "photo shooting session"? Yes, maybe. They aren't lying, since they allow to "shoot". weird.

This article was originally posted in Japanese at 15:18 Aug. 19, 2008.

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