Let's make the Beijing Olympic "bird's nest" with LEGO

It is even more exciting to cut off the remaining week until the end of the Beijing Olympic Games, but it seems that the "bird's nest (Beijing National Stadium)", one of the buildings symbolizing the Beijing Olympic Games, is made with Lego. Speaking of bird's nest, it has a very distinctive shape, it seems to be difficult to reproduce with Lego, but is it well expressed?

Pictures are as follows. This is the bird's nest of the Beijing Olympics created with Lego.

The size was 10 feet high (about 3 meters) wide and 26 feet (about 8 meters) wide, and it was made using 300 thousand Legos. I am using 4500 LEGO people and I am reproducing the actual Beijing Olympic Games.

Inside is like this.

There is Water Cube swimming center.

Inside is like this. Swimming competitions are taking place.

The scenery which is playing table tennis is also made.

LEGO works reproducing the other Beijing Olympics are from the following.

On your marks, get set, Lego! Welcome to the Olympics where everyone's quick off the blocks | Mail Online

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