Headline news on August 19, 2008

Softbank Mobile today,Agreed on supply of Casio Computer and mobile phone terminalAnnounced. As a result, Casio's mobile phone handsets are expected to be released from SOFTBANK MOBILE by the end of the year, but full-fledged outdoor mobile phones that are on sale at au "G'z OneWill a model like the series be released?

So, tomorrowAugust 20. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on August 20th one year ago.

I was told to pay money without downloading copyright infringement file - GIGAZINE

Police officers who leaked 10,000 internal information of the Metropolitan Police Department at Winny were the first disciplinary dismissal - GIGAZINE

Creating a slide with a length of over 160 m - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Fixed adultery Fuji Watanabe Kazuya Announced reprieve - An entertainment news nikkansports.com(Entertainment, the end of affair madness)

Shinohara Ryoko first appears after childbirth on the 28th: ​​Entertainment: sports broadcast(Entertainment, returning to work for the first time in about a year after childbirth)

Yon-san discharged "I want to write a book about Korea" (Entertainment) - Sponichi Annex News(Entertainment, I did not even know that I was hospitalized)

Egashira legend lives! ... Get instantaneous highest at women's wrestling relay | ZAKZAK(Entertainment, Egashira 2:50 left a new legend)

Amuro, the first 3 years miion album achieved in history! - Entertainment - SANSPO.COM(Music, Achievement of Million for the first time in ten and a half years)

Pros and cons to the lyrics of Naotaro new song, regulations on convenience stores - goo music(Judging that it will be a problem if you hear only music, some lyrics)

"Sutto-kun" 's costume first appeared, and event requests were also stronger than 40 (Yomiuri Shimbun) - goo news(Memo, Introduction of events More than 40 items are very popular)

Did you suck in the room too? Sukiyaki suction equipment from the room (sumo) - Sponichi Annex news(Sports, even in a sumo wrestling suspected cannabis)

English statistician discovered, born and born medals tendency by constellation | Excite News(Sports, born in Pisces swimming and water medal acquisition rate is high)

MLB = Ichiro hit three big hits, the bus lost no run(Sports, active and vainly team defeated)

Beckham joined the closing ceremony Next Olympic appeal (2/2 pages) - Sports - SANSPO.COM(Sports, appealing the London Olympics)

Kiyohara 41-year-old birthday "last season" stated - baseball news: nikkansports.com(Sports, once again retirement declaration for this term)

Mitsubishi releases liquid crystal "REAL" with dynamic contrast 15,000: 1(AV home appliances, high contrast LCD TV released)

Current affairs dot com: Bon train sky, China wire drastically decreased = both domestic and international are lower than last year(Economy, despite the Olympic Games, the previous year's break)

"Japanese are good ducks" ... Beijing Olympics Duff shop circumstances to sell foreigners for outrageous values ​​- MSN Sankei News(Note that some people add a value more than 100 times the cost)

Lightning: In the city center in July, the most extensive household appliances in the last 50 years also suffer successively - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Note, it was easy for lightning to occur due to the weak power of the Pacific high pressure)

Terrorism in Beijing, truck explosion human rights organization to convey | NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(Memo, explosion just before the policeman conducts a safety inspection)

Traffic accident death in Bon festival is the least "One of the causes of gasoline soaring"(Note, annual casualties are also decreasing)

The financial crisis continues, the possibility of a major US financial institution failing = former IMF executive | Reuters(Finance, the opinion that major US financial institutions will fail within 2-3 months)

CNN.co.jp: Coal mine towers suffering from lack of women are recruiting 'unlucky', discussion spurting Australia(Memo, opinion saying that there is no good man in reverse)

FNN News: near Osaka · Yao Airport ...(Accident, fortunately the crew is slightly injured)

"Youth communication brain, to research" News i - TBS video news site(Survey thoroughly about society, killing youth and withdrawal)

X51.ORG: Male complexion turns pale(Surprising human, pale looks as bad as usual)

Mirin · Da Yo? "The Miracle Man" with an Immortal Body(I am surprised even if I stab it in various places with fencing)

Waza to restore physical fitness in the night - Business book maniacs - Skill up businessperson for business people business book Etcetra -(Physical fitness, physical fitness does not necessarily recover even if sleeping for a long time, most of fatigue of the working people is spiritual)

[WSJ] Is there freedom even if working at home? A company that strengthens monitoring with IT - ITmedia enterprise(Labor, companies having subordinates who work at home are concerned about the possibility that employees will be squeezed)

I want my mailbox to be refreshed - I am town! (Hatena)(Net, make shopping e-mail address)

Is the office chair of 100,000 or more really necessary? The inexpensive Levino chair's power is amazing - go beyond the chasm!(Chairs, points considered when purchasing chairs, etc.)

"I did not expect to become such a" haunted site "" - "utterance Komachi" Why popularity - ITmedia News(Community, all posts are checked in the editorial department and about 3000 posts per day)

Neighbors' eldest son idiot: Family / Friends: Life guide: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Life, how much can you accept for values ​​and lifestyles different from yourself)

Nico douga is ○ and TV break is × That's why?(In the case of copyright, Japan, there is a possibility that it may be judged as "illegal" even if it follows the guidelines)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): discount if you buy domestic food points, agriculture and ministry plan - business(The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries embarks on the creation of a privilege system that can be exchanged for food, domestic agricultural products, etc.)

Consider Second Life's "Ahead" again: Toshihisa Sasaki Journalist's Viewpoint - CNET Japan(Advertising, after a transient boom led by some industry)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Cuba 'We can not pay import fee' High crude oil impact, notice to Japan - Business(International, trade insurance is recognized as "emergency accident")

"Uncle Olympics" Returning Angry "Olympics do not qualify" - MSN Sankei News(Olympic Games, a comment that "the air is dirty and pain in the throat has come out")

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