When choosing 'water bottle', what kind of point should you be careful about?

Normally, when choosing a water bottle, I will pay attention to color, design, weight, capacity, heat retention function, but when looking at the viewpoint of "safety", there are various points to be careful about the material It seems to be.

Details of points to be careful are as follows.
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According to the latest study, chlorine sterilized water is said to cause a heart disease of a baby. Therefore, it is better to think properly about the selection of the water bottle that puts in water.

First of all from the worst water bottle. The worst water bottle is a disposable plastic bottle (polyethylene terephthalate).

When using this kind of material repeatedly, DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate) dissolves out and it means that there is a possibility that it is carcinogenic substance.

【PDF file】Validation of human PBPK model based on DEHP intake and excretion data

DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate), the most productive and used amount as a plastic plasticizer, is one of endocrine disrupters, and its attention is paid to its behavior in the environment, biodistribution and metabolism. On the other hand, testicular toxicity is suspected in DEHP metabolite MEHP.

Also, bacteria may grow inside the cracks, which is not good for health.

Next is a common water bottle made of plastic.

They are made of polycarbonate and sometimes leach BPA (a synthetic hormone that can mimic estrogen and can cause prostate cancer) in some cases. In other words, it is better not to avoid this, too.

And then the water bottle made out of aluminum comes out next.

As the manufacturer nameSiggWater bottles representative. The scale in the inside is made of water based resin and it seems to be relatively safe.

The best water bottle is made of stainless steel.

As the manufacturer nameKleen kanteenThere is no leaching, it is extremely difficult to break or crack, in short it is tough, it is hard to get dirty.

In other words, a good water bottle means that it is a water bottle made of "aluminum" or "stainless steel".

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