I bought and drank "6 drinking cheese" of Japan 's soft drinks which seems strange from foreigners

"Best of Japan's soft drinks looks strange from foreigners 10"Although it is a mysterious cheese drink that was in the 6th place of the ranking, as I looked it up,"NEEDS special drinking cheeseApparently it seems like it, so I bought it. It is about plain · Yuzu · Berry's three tastes, what kind of feeling is it ...?

Tasting results are as follows.
When opening the box that arrived like this

From the left Plain · Yuzu · Berry

The raw material is raw milk and sugar only. Contents amount is 130 grams. By the way, I purchased the price with 6 sets, 1890 yen (including tax).

The lid is like this

So, let's open it.

Something like a cheese smells sweet

It also sticks to the lid properly, delicious

I poured it, I'm sticky

I put it in a glass and arranged

Smooth atmosphere

The taste of plain is like "drinking yogurt". However, it is much thicker and more rich taste than normal drinking yoghurt. It can be drunk a lot, it is delicious even if you drink a little at a time. The aftertaste is like a cream cheese, and if you are a milk lover you can love kore too.

Yuzu added a sour taste to the plain. It has a sweet and sour taste, and a moderate sourness feels appetizing. Maybe it looks delicious when used as a base for salad dressing.

Berry is pretty tasty with a sense of dullness and flavor of berry matching. You can experience a sense of deceitfulness that you have eaten such yoghurt. It is a feeling of dessert sauce.

Conclusion: Although appearance and naming are bizarre, this is an awesome, it is delicious normally, so it is "ant".

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