Low price laptop computer boom unprecedented, to achieve 50% share within the year

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, sales of low-priced laptops are growing sharply, and it seems that the market share is expected to reach 50% within the year.

Low price, low power consumption, high performance achieved "EeePC 901Although the launch of the new low-priced notebook computer market is remembered, it seems that the domestic manufacturers are demonstrating the strengths not available.

Details are as follows.
Laptop PC, less than 100,000 yen share to 40% in July

According to this article, the market share of laptop computers with less than 100,000 yen reached 40.3% in July, it seems that they show a sharp growth. In addition, half of them are small laptops with less than 60,000 yen such as "EeePC".

And it seems that the share of laptop computers that will cut 100,000 yen within the year is expected to reach 50% of the total, but as a background to this, users who use e-mail and the Internet at the destination will receive increased data communication services It is mentioned that there are many cases to purchase, and although the second demand is mainly focused, those who choose by replacement are also prominent.

alsoLet'snoteAlthough the selling price of authentic domestically produced mobile notes such as 'EeePC901' which adopts SSD and can easily carry around is the 50,000 yen level, while the selling price of full-fledged domestic mobile notebooks such as What can be said that it is a strength that can be appealed to light users such as "mobile notes that can be purchased easily at a price and can be used easily" and "can only e-mail and web" should it be.

In addition, low-end models of domestic manufacturers adopt Windows Vista, which requires high processing performance in the OS despite its high processing performance, low price notebook computersRestrictions imposed on hardware requirementsHowever, because Windows XP is adopted as the OS, it may be great that the operation which is somewhat lightweight is realized.

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