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On Saturday, August 16th, the second day of 'Comic Market 74' at the international exhibition hall,Resale of the same-person 2D fighting game 'MONSTER' decided to be arcadeized will be doneWe talked with GIGAZINE the other day, but todayCharacter wallpaper was distributed. A major update is made, and although it is the same work that becomes equivalent to the arcade except for the number of appearance characters, it may be good to pre-empt the arcade with this.

So, next MondayAugust 18. On August 18th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

A car that was revenged on former cano and full of bubbles - GIGAZINE

I tried to name the child "@" but it is rejected - GIGAZINE

Manhole photos of avant-garde design like Magic square - various things - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
What is happening inside the Mainichi Shimbun (below): Toshinaobu Sasaki journalist's viewpoint - CNET Japan(Media, going-out does not come out in long interview to executive every day)

Tianhua Tianhu: What is "mass media spin-off"? (Part 129) The end of the conventional social movement seen in the method of Hakuaki Hakaoka's "Net words tapping" by reporter(Media, "tapping" the object that felt the fundamental fear is the driving force of the mass communication people "

"Ideal workplace" including Google and five reality - builder by ZDNet Japan(Workplace, Ideal and Reality)

"Lifenet Life" - Network insurance that does not require sales woman that started with only two people (1/2) - ITmedia News(Insurance, the staff of the first Lifenet Life is the president, the vice president and the clerk only)

【Q & A】 How can I convince a project manager who does not share information? - TechTarget Japan(Reason why projects, team leaders should share information)

Emergency power to "emergency" decides, corporate earthquake disaster measures & goods: important data "in the box" media custody that can withstand 800 degrees Celsius - ITmedia Biz.ID(It is a media storage with fireproof / waterproof function equipped with hardware, USB port, use portable HDD or USB memory inside the main unit)

When Apple stops issuing DRM keys - what happens to users' songs: Special Report - CNET Japan(Copyright, user's music can not move)

"Street view" Misunderstanding over disturbance - Nobuo Ikeda blog(There is a necessity to put a brakes on now because the inflation of the right and the right does not return to the original once it gets up like the copyright law)

Slashdot Japan | Japan's reaction to Google Street View is also talked abroad(Privacy is virtually impossible to collect when photographed unnoticed and it was noticed unauthorizedly published on the net and it was virtually impossible to collect)

Copyrights in the Net Age, Protection of Rightsholders or Distribution Priority · Experts saw '08 Summer (1)? Internet - Latest News: IT-PLUS(Copyright, excessive protection is a problem)

Latest sports gear active in Beijing: Image Gallery | WIRED VISION(Sports, again the lead is Speed ​​Company)

FujiSankei Business i. Comprehensive / CM appearance fee 100 million yen cha ~ Kitajima, world champion in successive "winning strong" new propaganda effect also(CM, expected appeal fee up by gold medal get)

Delinquent Feeding Fee 3 million yen Teacher turns up Eight elementary school in Osaka · Ikeda - MSN Sankei News(School, 8 out of 11 schools are rebuilding)

Hinomaru bulletin prohibited even outside the venue Nakayama's 6-year-old daughter - MSN Sankei News(Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee Representative is prohibited from trying to post Hinomaru that he had in China)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Adults riding a train by child tickets sudden increase, police to strengthen caution - society(Moral, there are also effects of depression)

Less than 10% of mobile phone functions "perfectly use", 14% "Sappari" - news - nikkei BPnet(Mobile, people who are not comfortable at all are 6.4% at the age of 20, 14.3% at 30's and 18.1% at 40's will be higher as the age increases)

Why did SOFTBANK lower the communication fee of iPhone (34th): Shiota Shinji "Mobile Trend"(Mobile, "Because I found something's opportunity to further expand the business" "Because there was something problem so countermeasures" can be considered as two reasons)

Open Tech Press | Recording the desktop Tools for Linux(Software, screencast application available on Linux variously)

TV connects easily with PC! "HDMI terminal" popularly spreading | Digital trend communication Toda Akira | Diamond Online(For hardware and PC with HDMI terminal, video and audio can be output with one cable)

Developed the world's first window glass "Spacia": NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Technology realizes heat insulation performance about 4 times stronger than single glass by sandwiching a vacuum layer of only 0.2 mm between two glasses)

I'm broken hearted today. The bath is at 39 degrees.(Love, a lot of stories that broke out)

The painful news (No ∀ `):" My wife had appeared in the past in the past ... what should I do? "Yahoo! Chiebukuro(It seems to be reason for life, divorce)

What happened when I was a huddle or a hub? : Alfalfa mosaic(Communication, life destruction as it is)

Obesity and health, the possibility of compatibility = US research | global speech | Reuters(There are healthy people who are healthy, even if obesity is judged)

VIP Wide Guide: Tend to be in the summer vacation(Memories, memories that I do not want to remember are full)

Vector PC Shop Ten questions to Ryuukishi 07 ~ Popular game creator special interview(Close up of Dragon Knight 07 who continues to lead the same person, coterie game world)

Comic Market Just before Tokyo Big Sight Report(Comike, place a guard man on the escalator)

S-manga.net Reikanishi Izuna(Manga, you can read the first story of the spin-off work of "Hell Teacher Nabe ~")

Purple taste sour "Is not it funny comics" is not really interesting?(Even though I have not read it in manga, Roku, I decided that it was boring manga without permission by my subjectivity alone)

Lunch late bunny girl Summary(Manga, a conspicuous example is treated like a common term of the whole category)

R.C.prot - blog | Kinomiya Ota ten works to introduce Kinki disease to her who is non-OTA(As voice actor, entrance of mutual communication)

Gundam Expo: Reproduction of name scene with huge diorama From the first generation to the latest work '00' Exhibition from the 12th (MANTAN web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Gundam, admission free will be exhibited at Ikebukuro Sunshine City until August 17)

[Zebius] Zebius Army Weapons Development History Memo (1982) | God of Games, Masanobu Endo Official blog(Open games, handwritten notes for development)

Ashuru sister "......... I can not ride less than 145 cm ... ..."(Height, older sister 'Aitama Natsukinnai !!!')

Asama Graph Bandai Namco games feature(Parody, there are many fun illustrations)

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