Movie running in whole body roller suit

A movie wearing a suit with rollers all over and running through at high speed. The figure wearing a roller suit seems only seemingly strange to people, but at a maximum speed of 100 kilometers or more, the figure going over a motorcycle and a car is like a silver colorIronmanIt looks like, it looks kind of looking good.

The phenomenal runaway movie is from the following. A movie that runs at high speed at the pass
Roller Suit in Swiss Alps - CollegeHumor video

Movie running through the streets
YouTube - Jean-Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman - Extreme

A movie running on a mountain path.
YouTube - TUNNEL BLICK 5 SPEED RECORD jean yves blondeau rollerman

A movie competing with a motorbike in Korean TV program.
YouTube - Speed ​​Challenge BUGGY ROLLIN VS MOTOBIKE

Is it okay to run in the roadway with this?

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