I thought of an ideal mobile phone company that would like to contract now

Although it is a mobile phone company that has cut off the pace of acquiring new subscribers, such as inexpensive flat-rate data communication, free voice call between users between the same carrier, basic usage fee 980 yen ..., etc., from the viewpoint of the user What kind of service does the service do with the ideal mobile phone company that wants to subscribe?

as if"My point of contact program is posted.Although it is content like ", it may be interesting to look back at the needs of my current mobile phone.

Details are as follows.
A charge

Basic monthly usage fee is up to 5980 yen, high speed data communication all-you-can-use
E-Mobile's "Data plan"As for data communication flat rate, the basic usage fee is up to 5980 yen. Voice communication is also 10.5 yen / 30 seconds for other carriers and fixed phones.

Easy to understand price plan
A special discount is applied from SOFTBANK MOBILE's third month, and a fixed amount is discounted from monthly usage amountNew Super BonusIt is not a complex plan like "but adopts an easy-to-understand rate plan.

Even if it connects to a personal computer, you can make flat rate communication
Unlike voice terminals of NTT docomo, au, and SoftBank Mobile, which are subject to pay-per-use when data communication is performed by connecting to a personal computer, the same charge as when using the terminal alone. Of course provider included.

◆ Area

Communication can not be stopped while traveling on the Shinkansen
Communication is possible even in the train of the bullet train, and if you entered the tunnel from spring 2009Wireless LAN service JR starts with N 700 series ShinkansenAnd so on, so that stable communication is always realized.

Can also be used in the basement
Antennas are arranged so that they can be used safely even in underground shopping centers in Tokyo and Osaka. I'd be happy if I can communicate for a while even if I enter the tunnel of the subway, like a strong WILLCOM in the basement.

It can also be used in rural areas
Like NTT docomo and au, it can also be used in regions such as travel, homecoming and business trips.

◆ Services, terminals, etc.

There is a smartphone equipped with liquid crystal with WVGA (800 × 480) resolution or higher
I want a smartphone equipped with a high-resolution liquid crystal to handle large-capacity contents with high-speed data communication service.

Connect seamlessly with wireless LAN such as home or hotspot
DoCoMo's "Home U", You can instantly switch to a high-speed wireless LAN automatically.

The terminal can be changed freely by replacing the SIM card
WILLCOM'sTerminal compatible with W-SIMAs with the situation, it is possible to use terminals such as smartphone type, voice call model and so on according to the situation.

You can use MP3 as a ringtone without being caught up on "Ring Song"
Restrictions of mobile phone companies are very strict, so it is desirable that you can easily use MP3 files of your favorite songs as a ringtone.

Although it seems that mobile phone companies that satisfy all of these conditions will appear yet, listing their ideals in this way, the cell phone company that suits my best at the present is indeed visible It may come.

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