Mystery e-mail sent by Earthlings from Mars

It seems that a person living in Russia has received an e-mail message that has changed from Mars. The sender's name is "Major Greg Boner Moyo". He is not a Martian but an alien from South Africa. He belongs to NASA and seems to be on Mars due to circumstances that are currently in existence. Well, what kind of intention did he send mail?

The contents of the letter are as follows.English Russia Martian Scam

According to the contents of the letter, Major Greg Boner Moyo said that he is writing mail from the hospital of Martian capital "zhwrong". He suffered a physical pain from Martian, it became quite terrible illness, it seems that there are only several weeks remaining life. He has assets of 11.6 million US dollars (about 1,250 million yen), he said he is depositing it in a European financial institution. As I can not return to Earth, I seem to have decided to donate most of his property to the church.

Up to this point in the introduction, at the end, "If you can help, we will leave 30% of the property in return for you to use", and there are wordings such as contact information etc I will. In short, it seems it was a fraudulent mail that no one would believe.

If such mail comes from Mars, can you believe?

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