Price is 3-5% lower, Aeon is considering opening a "super selling store" for the first time in Japan

It is nowadays that everything rises as the price of crude oil rises and the cost of raw materials rises, but it became clear that AEON is considering opening new "super selling stores".

It may be a pleasant story for consumers because the price will be 3-5 cheaper.

Details are as follows.
Aeon investigates opening of "super selling dealers", develops with carefully selected PB products: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun news report, it is conceived to open a super-discount store referring to the business style called "deep discount" or "hard · discounter", which is growing rapidly in Europe, It seems to be.

This is a shop with a sales floor area of ​​about one-quarter of the average supermarket in Japan, realizing that AEON's development by its own company makes it 2 to 30% cheaper than major manufacturers' top Valu "brand, and at the same time keeping the number of employees per store down to several people, it will be able to sell cheaply about 3 to 50% of major manufacturers.

Although it is pleasing to consumers at a low price, it seems that if such a thing is done, it may lead to the repulsion of existing major manufacturers, but as the other party is a major distribution company handling large volumes of their products, manufacturers Do I have to admit it?

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