SoftBank Mobile, Improve iPhone 3G rate plan and service

IPhone 3G, which complains about rates and services such as "lowest maintenance cost per month" and "short retention period of mail", iPhone 3G announces that SOFTBANK MOBILE, the distributor, will improve service from today Did.

Details are as follows.
"IPhone 3G" is available at the lowest monthly fee of 2,990 yen! ~ "Packet fixed amount full" is revised to 2 step fixed rate system ~ | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

According to this release, SOFTBANK MOBILE enters "Packet Flat-rate Full" service of iPhone's packet communication fee flat rate "two-stage flat rate system" which changes from 5985 yen per month so far to 1695 yen to 5985 yen according to packet usage It is said that he decided to introduce it.

Application is done from August usage, which means that the minimum monthly charge of iPhone 3G will drop from 7280 yen to 2990 yen.

This is the usage image of "packet fixed amount full". Up to 21,75 packets can be used at 1695 yen per month.

Improve e-mail (i) retention period indefinitely ~ Improve convenience of e-mail service for "iPhone 3G" ~ | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

In addition, the specification of "E-mail (i)" has also been changed, and it seems that the e-mail retention period which has been 30 days so far will be indefinite.

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