Headline news on August 5, 2008

Following ice "Garigari" and snack "Umaibodo", from Bandai "Lotte gum bath additiveIt is said that it will be released from today. The types are all six kinds of blueberry gum, plum gum, green gum, black black gum, coffee gum, and quick quench, and the price is 250 yen per piece. For bathing agents, ingredients according to the type of gum such as Ume juice extract and caffeine are blended. In addition to the body of the bath agent, a plate gum type plate is included as a bonus, so as to get the characteristic towelket when the plate comes out. It seems to be interesting as an item for enjoying a bath even on a hot day.

So, tomorrowAugust 6. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on August 6th one year ago.

I purchased an aluminum cooling table "Suko Tan." Purchased, I tried experimenting how many times it will fall - GIGAZINE

Building where several domes are connected, which are likely to appear in SF works of the past - GIGAZINE

An unsolicited guy who tried approaching a luxury liner Queen Mary 2 with his own submarine - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
MonsterTV Incident Story - Ikeda Nobuo blog(The problem of terrestrial digital broadcasting, B-CAS seems to be drawing attention of USTR (US Trade Representative))

FujiSankei Business i. Comprehensive / television recycled in 15 years Environmental Guidelines by the Eco-Product Council of Waste Appliances(Home appliances, televisions that have been about 15 years old after manufacture are no longer able to sell as second-hand goods)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Olympic Commercial Code that does not discount even with a fine total of 300 million yen - Beijing Olympics 2008(Olympics, catchphrases are also used for product names)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Hoshino Japan's uniform, finishing quick pitches - Beijing Olympics 2008(300 sports, the number of uniforms used in production is 300)

"Underwater Olympics" event held at Seoul Aquarium | Recollections of the world | Reuters(Sports, events competing for Taekwondo or weightlifting underwater)

Ichiro, calmly even in the big reversal "I apart from myself" (2 / 2pages) - MLB - SANSPO.COM(Sports, Ichiro continuous game hits will be extended to 10)

Keio's summer victory for the first time in 46 years / Koshien in the summer - The 90th National High School Baseball Tournament News: nikkansports.com(Sports, can it be a winning candidate by momentum)

Sports navigation | Ronaldinho "It was the worst five months of my life"(Confession of sports, troubles and days suffering from public opinion)

Burpi twin photo of 1.5 billion yen will be released for the first time - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com(Entertainment, a large baby with a right to use photos of 14 million dollars (about 1.52 billion yen))

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Minimum wage to raise to over 700 yen average hourly wage - business(Work, the current minimum wage is average hourly wages 687 yen)

Amuro Namie Album Album Explosion! Seventh work leader - goo music(Music, best initial sales sales for this year's music work)

My treasure is a family! Rat seniors, image up strategy - goo music(Music, impact is weaker than "POPO"?)

The music of BEGIN which made the "crying" of the pearl finally began delivery(Distribution of songs created by music, FNS 27 hours TV)

Business Media Makoto: Correct Japanese, one in four people in their twenties are "not confident"(Forgetting how to write kanji when using languages, personal computer or cellular conversion function)

"Umida Hanatsuki" closed in October Baton in the new theater in Kyobashi(Note, closing the curtain to about half a century of history)

Apple, firmware "2.0.1" which fixed bug of iPhone(Mobile, details of the problem is unknown)

JustSystems launches "ATOK for Windows Mobile"(Mobile, WILLCOM 03 will be available in the future?

Micron, high speed SSD with read / write speed of 250 MB / sec(Hardware, realizing overwhelming specifications exceeding the SSD up to now)

Registrants of Yamato Transport and Web services can also use the cover letter automatic issue available(Net service, it is very convenient to be able to automatically issue invoices)

US Cheap Air Jet Blue, Charging "Pillow" to Charge | Speech of the World | Reuters(Travel, disappearance of free pillow because fuel price nearly doubled)

FujiSankei Business i. TOPIC / "Hot!" Smartly survive the summer "Help yourself"(Introducing nutrients effective for health, sleeplessness and summer batting)

Business Media Makoto: Current affairs of Kamio Hisashi · Special edition: car commute is already old! · High-tech bicycle latest situation for men (1/2)(There are also bicycles equipped with an automatic function that automatically changes bicycles and gears)

Bicycle with grandma(A memo, a story likely to be a drama)

[A cartoonist who died on August 2, Fujio Akatsuka's tribute album 'Fujio Akatsuka Tribute ~ It's Spring of 41' released on September 24 - bounce.com [News](Artist covers music, Bakabon and Osomatsu-kun's songs)

Comike danger zone - FANTA - G - Rakuten Blog (Blog)(Event, a place dangerous at Tokyo Big Sight in the event that a super-large number of events is held)

CNN.co.jp: Fear of death row obesity filed for suspension of execution, "Fear of tasting"(Memo, asserting the possibility that anesthesia is not effective)

Asahi.com: Space Fundamental Law, Establishment of Strategic Preparation Room Enforced on 27th - Politics(Space, the prime minister will be the head of the Space Development Strategy Headquarters)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: iPhone, I want it but I will put up with weaving with beads(Mobile, reproducing iPhone with thread and beads)

51-year-old unemployed man "Hot and sleepy" arrested by electricity stealing - Ameba News [Ameba news](Note, draw extension cord to neighbor's house outlet and retire to home)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): violence against Japanese reporters Chief Cabinet Secretary "Strongly protests to the Chinese side" - International(China, the pattern that the camera was also destroyed)

Cat catches predator / amami wildlife protection center photo announced: south japan newspaper - news in kagoshima prefecture(It is the first time that animals, wild cats predispose themselves to predispose)

Do not say it messily, give me money, give me money. - Imagination from bedroom and street(Declining birthrate, society accepts diversity concerning 'family way of thinking' and costs to build sufficient infrastructure necessary for child rearing like nursery)

CNN.co.jp: Afternoon coffee at discount price in the US Starbucks(Food, price after discount is nearly half price)

Recently ginger ale is good(Recipe, how to make ginger ale very likely to be)

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