20 ways to regain free time to do your favorite things to you

Modern people are always chased by time and busy with work and study everyday, but after all, time that I can freely use is necessary. With free time, you should be able to make it even more meaningful and hobby, or more about your own life.

So let's make a note of the 20 ways to regain free time for you so let's make a free time for your reference.
Reclaim Your Time: 20 Great Ways to Find More Free Time | Zen Habits

1. Take rest

I will review my life, start with having free time for an hour, think about how to do a few hours, half a day and a whole day off. Also decide what you want to do and decide what you are depriving of your time and decide what to drop and minimize what to make more time. However, in order to do these things, it is necessary to think and plan, so it is best to take a rest first.

2. Find what you want to do

Think about what you love to do, and create a short list that you export as 4 to 5 items. They will be free time.

3. Let's find out why wasting time

Next, let's find the cause that is not on the list created earlier, wasting time. Think about whether you really need it, think about how to reduce, minimize or eliminate those causes. For example, watching television, chatting a lot, and doing frustrating surfing the net. It minimizes the time spent on these things and turns time to more important things.

4. Schedule first what you want to do

Consider what you really want to do, think about what you want to do and consider ways to make free time. If you have free time from the list you want to do, choose one thing you'd like to do and force it into an empty schedule with nothing yet to do in a week (write from what you want to do first to the calendar, etc.) . In other words, first of all we want to schedule what we want to do. I think about what I want to do as one block and put other plans around this block.

5. Integrating tasks

To save time, do not break down the same thing in groups, but do it all at once. If you process e-mails, check all day and do not reply each time your e-mail arrives, so collect all at one time and then reply to all e-mails at once. We apply this to everything that we can apply by doing on a daily basis, such as meeting and document processing.

6. Do not hold a meeting

Not everyone can do it, but the conference spends a huge amount of time to spread some information to everyone, so if you make a simple decision let's do it without e-mail or phone call. It is also effective to reduce the number of meetings to attend.

7. Do not fill the schedule at all

If the schedule is full at meetings, errands, tasks, projects, appointments, let's cancel and cancel what is not important. There are also other ways to postpone the schedule. Anyway let's make a big margin in the schedule that we are currently doing.

8. Reconsider your customs

Let 's rethink what you really want and do the custom. Look for a better way if you do the same, let's create a new habit that makes you more enjoyable, the best and more likes.

9. Reduce time to process email

Let 's consider how many times a day checks your e - mail and spends time checking and replying to e - mail. If you spend most of the day spending e-mail exchanges, if you spend less time on e-mail you will have more free time. This is not something everyone can do, but most people can do. We decide the time to process the mailboxes collectively and make the carapo, we will shorten the reply within 5 minutes.

10. Learn to say "I can not accept it"

If you answer "yes" to all requests, you can not have free time. Please answer "We can not accept it" other than important requests, let 's keep free time.

11. Number of things to do per day is "3"

Let's pick out only three important tasks we have to do today. But do not make a detailed list of tasks. Keep the task list small so that it can be occupied only by important tasks. By doing so, we are doing important things but you can put in a state that you are not overloaded.

12. Handle the biggest task at the very beginning

Of the three tasks chosen this way, the task of choosing the most important and priority in the day is the biggest and let's make you the most afraid. Otherwise, you will leave the task as far as possible and tasks will fill up with something you do not care. Do not allow mail checks until the most important task is completed. If you complete the most important task and start the day, already important things are over so that you will have more free time left for you.

13. Leave it to people

If you have colleagues who can leave your subordinates or work, let's leave it to yourself. Do not feel that you need to do everything yourself. If necessary, let's teach you how to handle what you leave, taking some time to train people you want to train. By spending time on training, it will save a lot of time later. By doing so, you will be able to handle only truly important things yourself.

14. Remove everything distracting from sight

Near the space to work Nile Disturb every mind and keep things away from yourself, such as e-mail notifications, messenger pop-ups, phone calls, colleagues, etc. that disturb your concentration.

15. Disconnect from the Internet

The biggest thing to distract is "the Internet" itself. This does not mean nothing to connect to the net all day, but to disconnect from the net only when processing really important tasks.

16. Outsource

Consider outsourcing (outsourcing) if someone can not delegate to a acquaintance or subordinates. Since you can connect with people all over the world using the Internet, everything from small tasks to other tasks can be outsourced.

17. Use "Morning"

In the morning and afternoon, the morning (in short, "morning") is the absolute best time to schedule what you really want to do. Because it is unlikely that it will be full of unscheduled work etc in the morning. For example, if you set something late in the afternoon, new tasks will be added one after another to the do-it-yourself list until late afternoon, and the task scheduled late afternoon will be delayed as a result . Before that happens, that means you have to clean up in the morning.

18. Freely use time after finishing work

By keeping the items so far, you will be able to use the time after work extremely freely.

19. At night, I can spare time before going to bed

Also, not only just after finishing work but also time before going to bed, let's do whatever you like at this time.

20. Effectively use lunch break

And the time to rest for eating lunch is time to do something free. You can also use it to do personally important work and schedule.

...... In short, it is that we should quickly clean up what we should do, do not do something we do not have to do for ourselves, and use the time that we should be free to use except at work freely.

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