What is going on inside the tree house like a spy ship of the Sayers?

BeforeBall-shaped, unbroken tree houseI introduced a tree house like a spaceship on which a Saiyan of Dragon Ball is riding, but I knew how the inside was. Let's see if the inside looks like a spaceship.

Details are from the following.Inhabitat »PREFAB FRIDAY: Retreat to an Ewok Eco Sphere in the Trees

The inside is making solidly surprisingly.

In this way, it seems like inside a spaceship that crashed into an undeveloped planet.

I thought that "Saiyan came out!", It was a proper Earthling person.

This tree houseRepublic of VanuatuIt seems to be in the forest. A compact solar system and a solar hot water heating system can also be connected, making it friendly to the global environment. Unfortunately there is no bathroom and it seems I can not take a bath. I do not know the reason why it is like this, but from what I call "Our Planet Retreats", it seems to me that I imagined a planet or a spaceship.

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