The animation "Eve's Time" screened at JAPAN EXPO in Paris is Yahoo! Free distribution started with video

In addition to being broadcasted at Tokyo International Anime Fair etc., the 9th event held in Paris from July 3rd to 6thJAPAN EXPOBut animation screening was done "Eve's timeHowever, from August 1st Yahoo! It is distributed free of charge with animation. Since August 7, the mobile version will also start delivery, so please check it if you are interested.

Details are as below.
Yahoo! Video - Animation - Eve Time

"Time of Eve" was released in 2005 as "Peil Cocoon"I madeSTUDIO Rokka (Studio Rikka)It was directed by Mr. Yasuhiro Yoshiura, directed by Tokyo International Anime Fair, etc. In addition to the video being broadcasted in May,Design · FestaAlthough the screening was held at, it is the form that formal delivery is finally decided.

First from Yahoo! for PC for August 1st Distribution started with animation, from August 3"Eve Time" Official SiteThe Flash version is delivered within Yahoo! on August 7th. Distribution will start even on mobile version of video. The delivery period is one month per episode, and the style that the latest story is announced every two months. Since it is 6 episodes, it seems to be enjoyable for a year.

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