Microsoft announces "globe display" as if it were a globe

Microsoft researchers announced the "globe display" like the globe as the forthcoming next-generation display.

Although it is a "spherical display" which is distinct from the conventional flat display, it adopts a full touch panel and combines an interesting interface, such as being able to perform intuitive operation by touching.

Details and actual moving movies are from the following.
Video: Microsoft's Sphere display in action

According to this article, Microsoft researchers have announced prototypes of "globe display" like the globe.

Since this prototype is a spherical shape different from the plane display so far, it is possible to display 360-degree images, and as a result of adopting multi-touch interface using infrared, it is possible to expand images by using multiple fingers It is said that operations such as reduction and rotation are possible. In addition, Microsoft continues to collaborate with universities and others to study spherical display.

I do not know if "spherical display" will actually be used by many users, but it seems that the unique shape and interface together make it a very brand new display.

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