50 people who kept staring at the sun to see Virgin Mary blinded

"I keep watching the sun and see the image of the Virgin MarySo, as many as 50 people are blinded and become a fuss one after another.

Details of why this is so, please see below.
Dozens blinded in India looking for Virgin Mary - Telegraph

The first noticing of this abnormal increase in blind people is the health institution in the Kottayam district of India. I warn you that it is dangerous to see direct sunlight to wipe out this rumor that you can see a miracle if you keep staring at the sky.

Regarding this upset, in the 48 cases, the retina has stopped functioning because it kept watching the sun, and since last Friday, the patient who had lost to the hospital has continued to wear. Where in the world is such a ridiculous rumor infested, the house in the district called Erumeli. It seems that hotel owner, owner of this place, said that he saw "God". The clergy of the association in this district denies the story itself that "a miracle happened", but the house said that miracles have occurred seemed to have become rumors for months. As a hotel owner who emigrated to this house and is a source of rumors, the statue of the Virgin Mary of his house sheds tears of honey and olive oil like blood and it seems to be further fragrant.

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