"I Dose" which gives a direct influence to the brain waves and can hear sound giving various effects

On the site "I Dose", sounds that directly affect the brain waves by listening and that can obtain various effects are distributed. There are sounds that can achieve various effects, from sounds that are effective to wake up to sounds that can be effective when you want to resolve things, values ​​that you use when you become sleepy or work hard when you work There is. For naming also the wake up sound is "Break Fast", the brain activation sound is "Super Brain", it is easy to understand and has sense.

Regeneration is first described below from "I DOSEVisit the page of
I Dose

Select the sound you like and click "Stream" to hear the sound. Just listen to the sound later.

It seems easy to produce effects when doing the following.

1. Sit, listen in a relaxed state such as lying down

2. Listen with headphones (earphones).

3. Close your eyes and listen

Since it can be used in various aspects, such as when you feel uneasy, please use it by all means.

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