Steamed bread of different kinds "steamed ramune steamed bread" and "cola flavored steamed bread" tasting review

Warming in front of the convenience store's bread shelves jumped into the eyes when the package was pale blue "rice cake texture lambne steamed bread". Next to that there was a red package "Steamed Bread with Coke Flavor" and I thought that it would not really do such a flavor but I bought it because I was interested.

Review from below.
Steamed ramney steamed bread and steamed coke flavor. It seems to have a rich texture texture.

Ramune flavored steamed bread using ramune flavor.

Manufacturer is Shishima Bread.

Mysterious character.

It does not seem to taste much better, but it is properly steamed bread.

On the other hand, this is a cola flavored steamed bread using cola flavor.

The manufacturer is Yamazaki made bread.

Bulb is smaller than ramune flavor.

At first I bought it as a story so I did not expect much for the taste, but the reproducibility of the ramune taste was quite high and betrayed in a good direction. A lot of volume feeling with the texture of rich texture. It is slightly different as steamed bread, but it is a feeling that it is not surprising even if it is considered as such a sweet. Meanwhile, the cooked steamed bread has a mouthfeel that is softer than the ramune flavor, so it is close to the steamed bread original, but the taste has not reached the cola. I wanted another idea. It is quite interesting product, so I definitely want it to be a series.

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