Wonderful wallpaper that can improve the efficiency of work

Normally, desktop wallpaper chooses what you like, but by making this wallpaper different, you can improve work efficiency and speed up work. What kind of wallpaper is it?

Download and use wallpaper from the following.
1440 × 1024 (bright version)

1024 × 768 (Bright version)

1440 × 1024 (slightly dark version)

1024 × 768 (slightly dark version)

When it is actually made into wallpaper it becomes like this.

I will use this as follows.

Graph paper: Place work folder and files
Aluminum plate: For individual project
Wooden desk: Unclassified work etc.
Tag paper: Urgent matter

It actually looks like this.

In other words, if you create rules to classify according to your preference, you can improve work efficiency considerably effectively. It is certainly quite easy to use so it's recommended.

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