Mega-sized blue carbonated drink "Cherio Blue Cider" tasting review

Convenience storeMinistopSo, as Celio 's new product was out, I bought it. It is 700 ml of a large capacity, it is beautiful but the body seems to be able to drink a bad blue cider.

Details are as below. Plenty of large capacity 700 ml.

And calories off.

After all coloring is blue No. 1.

Even a cup of surprise is blue. It is transparent so it looks more refreshing.

Looking over the light, it looks like a very suspicious feeling.

The taste is basically just a cider that has a blue color. Because it is due to calorie off, there is not much depth in taste, but as it is refreshed for that much, it is somewhat like oyster ice. However, it is dangerous if you drink after drinking after carbonic acid has gone out, it is quite dangerous to drink slowly even with a large capacity. For those who like strange colored drinks, it is an irresistible dish.

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