Fujitsu to enter the low-priced laptop computer market for the first time in domestic manufacturers

On July 11, as the second step of low-priced notebook PC "EeePC"EeePC901 which power-up significantly has been releasedAlthough it is a booming low-priced laptop computer market, Fujitsu is finally entering the low-priced laptop market for the first time by domestic manufacturers.

Launch ultra-compact mobile notebook of about 599 gramsFujitsu, which has strengths in small laptop computers, such as, but is that know-how beneficial to low-cost laptops?

Details are as follows.
Fujitsu also entered 50,000 yen personal computer, this fall first sold in China · Hong Kong

According to this article, Fujitsu is going to enter the low price notebook computer market of around 50,000 yen aiming for the second demand etc in the autumn of this year.

Fujitsu is planning to release it is a small notebook computer that can be driven for a long time with a liquid crystal of 10 inches or less and Intel's Atom processor, released in China, Hong Kong etc. this autumn, next year I will release a new product in Japan.

I do not know if other companies will follow up on this move, but if each manufacturer gets to sell low-priced laptops that take advantage of their respective features, diversity is not born and it will not be fun Is it?

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