Current situation of crime using a knife in the UK

It occurred yesterday.Bus Jack incidentsYaAkihabara's morning ceremonyIt is felt that the violent crime using the knife in Japan, etc, is increasing. On the other hand, even in far away Britain there are many crimes that used the knife in the same way, and it seems to be troubled.

Details are as follows.Shock figures reveal no part of Britain is safe as knife violence spreads EVERYWHERE | Mail Online

There were 22,151 incidents involving knives throughout the UK from 2007 to March 2008, of which 231 cases of attempted murder, 5248 cases of injuries incurred a physical disability There were 2,785 incidents, 2359 robberies to shops, and 15,218 cases of robbery to individual homes.

Distribution map of the number of offenses using the knife which occurred between 2007 and March 2008.

From the above distribution chart, you can see that the number of crimes using the knife in London, Great Manchester, Westminster State where population is high concentrates.

The crime rate of the young people is also increasing, it seems that they are trying to strengthen the investigation and reduce the crime using the knife whether the knife is being sold or traded in pubs and clubs.

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