Finally a digital camera with 50 million pixels appears

While digital cameras are getting higher in image quality, only 10 million pixel compact digital cameras and mobile phones with 5 million pixel cameras are finally getting popular, but it seems that digital cameras with 50 million pixels will appear.

And when photographing with 50 million pixel camera, it is possible to take a photograph with a terrible enough accuracy.

Details are as follows.
Eastman Kodak Company: Kodak Achieves New Breakthrough in Imaging Technology World's First 50 Megapixel CCD Sensor Sets New Standard for Professional Photographers

According to this release, Eastman Kodak of the United States has developed a CCD image sensor of 50 million pixels, which can photograph the 8176 × 6132 pixels for the first time in the world.

When photographing the ground above the altitude of 1,600 m with a camera equipped with this sensor, it is possible to distinguish a laptop computer of 30 cm square size. Moreover, in addition to improving the capture speed than the conventional product, the power consumption is also being reduced.

Unfortunately because it is a CCD image sensor to be mounted on a digital camera used by professional, it seems to be far from the general public, but will it be somewhat miniaturized and will be installed on compact digital cameras and so on?

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