11 year old girl who spends 60,000 yen a month for beauty

Many women put money for beauty and refine beauty, but despite being 11 years old, there seems to be a girl who spends 60,000 yen a month for beauty.

Details are as below.Mummy's little Lolita: The 11-year-old girl that beauty treatments cost £ 300 a month to make her look like Barbie | Mail Online

Sasha Bennington, 11 years old, wore eyelash for the first time when he was eight years old. Currently there are hair extensions andSunless Tanning, Mother Jane is freshly saying that she is enjoying pedicure and so on.

Sasha who also participates in various beauty contests.

Mr. Jane started working as a model since he was 23 years old, but he said that he was "far from true success", and now he seems to think that taking care of beauty is better. "I think that there are areas that do not need to grow so fast, but you have to act more maturely in the vicinity of big cities.It is necessary to spend money on fashion.Other people I do not know the reason for worrying.Sunless tanning can be dropped if washed and the hair extension can be easily removed, "Jane says.

Mother Jane who is standing side by side with Sasha.

It is said that gifts from past parents will be about 5.5 million yen worth.

She seems to want to be a model by himself, Jane talks that there is no compulsion by parents and insists that her daughter wants to do what she wants the most.

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