Second-hand bicycle bought for under 40,000 yen, value of 10 million yen for Japanese collectors

The bicycle purchased at the used bicycle store for about 37,000 yen is actually very rare, there are many purchase hopes from fans and collectors, the maximum amount is 100,000 dollars presented by Japanese collectors (about 10,600,000 dollars It was said that it was.

Details are as below.$ 100,000 for a bike? Owner says thanks, but no thanks -

Tom Mault who lives in HamptonSCHWINNI heard that I bought a brand red bicycle for 350 dollars (about 37,000 yen) and I bought the information by writing the serial number written on my bicycle to the internet. Then, when the collector who saw the writing checked the number, it turned out that the bicycle was the first model of "Sting - Ray" series made in 1963.

This is the bicycle purchased by Mault. It seems that all parts are still original.

The collector who confirmed the information runs tremendously and he seems to have had a purchase wish from 2000 dollars (about 210,000 yen) to 100,000 dollars (about 10.6 million yen). However, Mr. Mault said he is not willing to sell a bicycle and decided to donate it to the Smithsonian museum. Although it was a collector of Japan who presented the purchase price of 100,000 dollars, it is a historical bicycle in the United States, it seems that it is a donation that I want to see and enjoy by many people.

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