A number of distinctive street 3D paints drawn on the street

The above picture is a street 3D paint of a car drawn on the street. It seems to be three-dimensional, it seems to be an illusion that a car actually exists. This work is drawn by Mr. Edgar Muller of the street painting artist. Apart from Mr. Edgar Muller, there are various artists and amuse us with unique street art.

Pictures are as follows. Art by Kurt Wenner. I express in the office.

Art drawn by Eduardo Relero. 3D art that the baby comes out from a big hole and is eager to rice. The recess of the hole is well reproduced

Art drawn by tracy lee stum. It looks like it is on a miniature building.

This is a 3D art drawn by tracy lee stum. It is drawn in Amekomi style.

The work of other artists can be referred to from the following.

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