NVIDIA holds a party that keeps playing games for 36 hours in a row and challenges world record

Famous for such as the graphic board "GeForce" seriesNVIDIA (NVIDIA)It seems to hold a LAN party that will continue the game for 36 hours in a row. He said he will challenge the world record "World's Longest LAN Party".

If you say "a game for 36 hours in a row," no matter how you listen, it sounds like a gathering of scattered people, but what on earth will you try to do?

Details are as follows.
NVIDIA to Host Guinness World Record Attempt by Gamers at NVISION 08

According to this release, NVIDIA will hold an event "August 25-27 in San Jose, California, USA"NVISION 08"It seems to do a large LAN party.

It is said that gamers connect the personal computer on the LAN and will aim for the world record of Guinness with content to play in the game for 36 hours in a row. In addition, we say that we can take a 10-minute break every 60 minutes battle.

It is an event that may be required for some physical strength and guts, but can I surely achieve the world record safely?

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