Japan Newspaper Association announces improvement measures to eliminate malicious newspaper visiting salespersons

The "Japan Newspaper Association" founded by newspapers, telecommunications and broadcasting companies nationwide announced concrete measures of self-cleaning efforts involving visit sales of newspapers under the revision of the revised Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

It is said that visiting salespeople of malicious newspaper will be eliminated by this.

Details are as follows.
Newspaper association announces concrete measure of self-purification efforts based on revision of Special Commercial Law

According to this release, the Japan Newspaper Association announced an effort to strengthen the compliance of the newspaper circle in response to the establishment of the revised Specified Commercial Transaction Law which included measures to strengthen regulations on visiting sales in the National Assembly.

Specifically, we changed the "Newspaper Sales Modernization Center" targeting the entire East Japan area, including the Tokyo area, to "Newspaper Sales Information Center", and we will prepare a system covering the whole country by newly placing offices in Osaka and Fukuoka And that.

And from Hokkaido to Kyushu nationwide, registering visiting salespeople, educational guidance, issuing newspaper sales certificates, etc. will improve staff quality and plan to accept and handle complaints from readers It is said that visiting salespeople with outstanding illegal behavior will be deregistered and will not be hired from any lineage.

The following links describe the points of the revised Specified Commercial Transactions Law, but in addition to obliging visitor sales and multilevel sales transactions to clearly state that they are for solicitation in advance, conceal the purpose of sale It is strict content such as prohibiting soliciting customers invited in locations where public does not enter and leave.

(PDF file)Points of the revised Specified Commercial Transactions Law - focusing on visit sales, multi-channel sales transactions ~

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