Headline news on June 19, 2008

We also covered the recent headline news "Firefox 3"The number of downloads Although it is a challenge to the world record, in the endOver 8 million downloads worldwideThat's right. It is the highest number of times downloaded in 1 day, it seems that it will be approved as a world record by Guinness judges a few days later.

So, tomorrowJune 20. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 20th one year ago.

Public toilet for men, which is very reasonable and easy to use conveniently - GIGAZINE

Top 5 most valuable currencies in the world Top 5 - GIGAZINE

Movie to Avoid Fatal Risks with Luck and Techniques - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Akiba Research Institute - 【Notebook PC】 ASUS "Eee PC 4G-X (Pearl White / Galaxy Black)" 39,800 yen - [Akihabara general information site](Hardware, EeePC 701 cut price by 10,000 yen)

Akiba Research Institute - DDR2 memory of 4GB capacity first appears! About 12 million yen at no brand - [Akihabara general information site](Hardware, only 3GB is recognized in the case of 32bit OS)

"Buy me!" Is Lelouch a homo? - Akiba Blog(Note, code geerge goods department is great)

The Chinese government investigated Microsoft under suspicion of antitrust violation: ITpro(Software, "Windows" and "Office" are expensive)

Blurred ima at the bottom of the content industry: The 6th mobile content middle-aged situation - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, mobile content is not compatible with middle-aged people?)

Software for KONAMI, PS3 "METAL GEAR SOLID 4 DATABASE". Deliver database software to enjoy "MGS 4" more(Game, character correlation diagram etc in works so far)

E-Mobile MVNO service that can be used up to 780 yen per month(Mobile, very convenient because it can be used on a monthly basis without being tied up on a yearly basis)

YOZAN, withdrawing from WiMAX business in June(Mobile, submit business abolition notification to various places concerned)

Men who are taking legal examinations blogging in Nagasaki(Note, to investigate as breach of confidentiality obligation)

The grand strategy and targets that Apple draw with "iPhone" is MS, Nintendo, Google also mobile - latest news: IT-PLUS(Notes, iPhone on a gaming terminal like Wii and Nintendo DS combined?

Fujitsu Launches Personal Computer Set for Senior Services PC & Digital Camera - Latest News: IT-PLUS(Hardware, for users over the age of 60)

Fullmetal alchemist: Anime version CD, DVD set collected box set released 28-sheet luxury version (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Anime, DVD and Blu-ray Disc 20 pieces)

White lover: 17% raise ... first since 76 years with soaring ingredients soaring - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, standard Hokkaido souvenir to raise)

Cocaine under the wig restrained British woman at 1 kilometer Oslo airport - MSN Sankei News(Memo, Wig did not fall down due to weight)

Vertebrate animals such as humans, ancestors are fellows of the slugs ... With genomic decoding: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, explore the roots of life)

Bulk fishing, hitting the Tsukiji market directly ... fishing squid wholesale price 1.5 times: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, because the squid fishing fishing boats were closed all at once due to soaring fuel)

Anti-influenza medicine, half of the people ... ... ruling party PT policy of increasing stockpiling: science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, stockpiling for 30 million people now)

Cybozu, policy of adopting "postdoctoral" positively: News - CNET Japan(Memoranda, Postdoctor who got a doctorate but no job is positively adopted)

The age of "Windows XP", soon to come to an end - options left for users: Special Report - CNET Japan(Software, ending on 30th June)

"Skype 4.0 for Windows" beta 1 release - strengthen video call function - ITmedia News(Software, easy to manage calls and messages)

Comprehensive measures needed: Crime server discovery to accumulate stolen personal information - ITmedia News(Internet service, crime server containing 500 MB of personal information)

Key words to read and understand Digimonian home appliances: "Touch Panel" - Possibility that iPhone has expanded - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, detailed explanation of touch panel structure)

WILLCOM | About WILLCOM D4 Academic Pack - Add a function of student essential item "electronic dictionary", offer at reasonable price ~(Mobile and electronic dictionary entered and the actual burden amount is 80,000 yen)

Evaluate PS 3 as AV equipment (second part): Also expand to full-fledged AV system PS 3 (1/2) - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(How to enjoy such as connecting games, PS 3 to full-fledged audio system)

Individuals can also buy at mass retailers: Industry's first "DIY type" liquid crystal poster "Haru and Keiji"! - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, the identity of the poster using the liquid crystal monitor seen in town clearly)

Diatech, USB external touch portable touch pad 3 model - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, essential item of Touchpad?

HDMI compatible equipment with remarkable improvement in sound quality (Part 1) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, what equipment can improve sound quality with HDMI connection?)

"F706i" to explain in bathing suit and bath (1/5) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, commenting on a waterproof mobile phone wearing a swimwear for some reason)

Game Streaming Software "StreamMyGame" corresponds to Eee PC(So ​​that you can play the latest full 3D game with software, EeePC?)

Mouse continues to deliver Windows XP even after 1 July(Software, provided in DSP version, not OEM version)

Sony, small face detection function / compact AVCHD camera for full HD recording(Hardware, video camera capable of distinguishing adults and children)

Creative, direct sales in 4GB 6,980 yen player in white model(Hardware, a stylish white model appears in an inexpensive MP3 player)

"Do not hide the damage" President Soundhouse talks about unauthorized access(Security, Interview with president Soundhouse where customer information leaked due to SQL injection attack)

Multiple defects in au's "W61S", software update start(Mobile, malfunction that the power supply will not turn on etc)

Rock Ridge, iMac style stand "iClooly" for iPhone model(Hardware, Stand for iPhone that can be placed horizontally vertically like LCD monitor)

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