A mouse that got into a family of cats and was brought up like a brother

Shandong YantaiSun Shujun (81) who lives in has a cat. However, I think that people who keep cats all over the world are outrageous, but there is no such thing as growing rats like this cat at Sun's house.

Details are as below.
Four weeks ago, four cats were born to a cat kept at Sun's house. One day, when a neighbor came to see a kittens, he seems to have found that the mouse is mixed with the kittens and drinking. The neighbors found: "I initially thought that I had seen some mistakes, so I brought a flashlight and tried to see it."

The picture is a family of that cat. There are mice under the tiger striped cat.

Not only do mice drink milk from cats, they seem to be playing like kids like brothers. It seems that the cat treats it like a child born by himself, and the owner, Ms. Sun, is usually an animal that should be hunted if it is ordinary, but I guess surely that maternal instinct seems to have exceeded the hunting instinct It seems to be.

One day suddenly I hope the wild instinct does not wake up.

Ananova - Cat adopts rat

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