Ramen critic Hayato Ishiyama produced "rich cheese pork bone ramen" taste review

GourNavisoCheese Ramen FeatureAs part of it, produced by ramen critic Hayato Ishiyama, GourNavi cooperation from Ace cook "Rich Cheese Pork Bone RamenSince it was released, I bought it and tried it.

I have eaten cheese in curry or something, but the compatibility between Tonkotsu ramen and cheese was also quite good.

Review from below.
422 kcal per meal.

raw materials.

Powdered soup, quickly, after-chewed cheese powder and after-mentioned seasoning oil.

Put the powder soup quickly.

Pour hot water and wait for 2 minutes.

It looks quite delicious at this point.

Add seasoning oil and mix, add cheese powder.

On the back of the lid is a collaboration project participating store.

Although it looks a little disgusting, it is not as bad taste as the appearance, but somewhat a little strange taste. I feel the Tonkots are mellow, more rich. Perhaps it is okay for pretty good luck. However, be careful as powder cheese will suck soup if you leave it too much.

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