Washable with a glass of water, an innovative washing machine that clothes dry quickly to next year

A washing machine capable of washing clothes with a glass of water in the UK appears next year. Also, because it uses only a small amount of water, clothes dry quickly.

It is just a revolutionary washing machine, but it is good news for those living alone who are struggling to wash daily, not only to finish with less water but also to wear clothes quickly.

Details are as below.
Virtally waterless washing machine heralds cleaning revolution | Press releases | Media | University of Leeds

According to this article, researchers at Leeds University in the UK have completed a new washing technique that can be washed with a glass of water. This is a technique devised by a professor majoring in textile chemistry, using a cup of water and fine plastic granules to make it possible to remove spots and dirt such as coffee and lipstick adhering to clothes Thing.

Moreover, in addition to not having to use a dryer for almost not using water, it expects to be a technology to replace dry cleaning which is concerned about the carcinogenicity of solvent used for cleaning It is going to be done.

In addition, since the water used for washing in the UK has reached 3 to 4 times at that time in 1990, accounting for 455 million liters per day, washing machines adopting this technology will be released in 2009 Xeros, aiming to do so, are hoping that "there is the possibility of revolutionizing the washing machine market all over the world."

I do not know whether it will be launched in Japan, but I think that there are many people who buy not only the water fee, but also if you do not use a dryer and the electricity bill becomes cheaper.

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