The fast food I ordered gets messed up and delivered

A person living in a town in the vicinity of Glasgow in Scotland asked for delivery of a menu called "Munchy box", but it seems that dishes that were in an unexpected condition were delivered.

Some people may feel discomfort and appetite may be lost, so please be careful when browsing.

Details are as below. A pizza box was delivered. You already know that oil is stained in a part of the box.

When opening the box contents were chaotic. The meat at the top is Doner kebab and under it is Nan is placed carelessly.

I just removed Doner kebab and Nan. Salad in the middle, potato on the left, onion rings on the upper right and Tempura in India "Pacola", Tandoori chicken "Chikentikka" on the lower right. It is sauce in the white cup. Everything is placed directly in the box of cardboard.

The dishes once again reworked on the dish. Although it is well-balancedly arranged, it does not seem to look delicious so much after seeing the picture above.

Perhaps, it may be a menu that makes me think again, that fried foods and meat-only dishes are not good for your body by chaotic looks.

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