Relatives did not come and pick me up, a sneaky man, turning up and climbing the transmission tower

A man who had a long journey by train to meet his relatives was finally angry with the fact that no one came to the destination but climbed up a tower near the power transmission line .

I was climbing to the height which is not so much if it fell out if I was coming to the top.

Details are as below.
English Russia >> Climb the Power Line

This is a picture of a man who climbed the transmission line. Although it is climbing up to about half, there seems to be a height of 10 meters.

I am turning my face to the other side. Is not it scary?

As he was watching the crowd, he finally got off the steel tower in response to long-term persuasion by police and psychologists. After this I wonder if my relative welcomed him safely ....

For the original photo, see the link below.

Графоманствующий алкоголег - Фотки мужика

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