Headline news on June 2, 2008

I-share Co. wentSurvey on net auctionAccording to, the experience experienced troubles of net auction experience seems to rise to about 30%. Looking at experienced people with troubles by age, they are 40.9% in their 20s, and more people are experiencing troubles than 30s and 40s. As the content of the trouble, the most frequent occurrence was that there was a mistake between the seller and the winning bidder, but there are things like "financial damage suffered" or "caught in a fraud", so the appearance of the opponent Please be careful of transactions on no net.

So, tomorrowJune 3. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 3, one year ago.

A dream terminal that Apple was supposed to put out during the 20th century "Knowledge Navigator" - GIGAZINE

Full-size! Is it? Ultra huge cake looking like a real car - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Column: New technology of home appliances where it wants to know Why does the radio clock keep on accurate time?(Clock, secrets of the "standard time" time with the Japanese radio wave transmission station)

Microsoft warns about the complex threat of "Safari" Windows version(Security, provisional action will be taken if download location is not desktop)

Paul Graham "City and ambition" - Lion's retreat(I write that it will be affected variously depending on the living environment and the place to live)

Sugo book I do not know, surely you are reading: Where is the monster parent?(Education, the contents tend to have similar tendencies just because they are called by various nomenclature from long ago)

Passion of Mr. Nobuhiro Nakayama - Nobuo Ikeda blog(Copyright, critical challenge of the current copyright system is pointed out by the chairman of the intellectual property rights research group and makes intense criticism)

【2ch】 Nikkyo Thread Guide When I was arrested and picked up in a news program, I am afraid to talk about my impressions in an interview with an old classmate(Memo, word of acquaintance flowing in news)

J-CAST news "Super Poverty" that happens at 200 dollars per barrel soaring prices(Memo, gasoline fee goes up gang)

Voice of complaints complaining that "it is troublesome" guidance guidance with mandatory seatbelt back seat wearing 1205 cases - MSN Sankei News(If you develop a seat where the seatbelt tightens without permission when you sit, you are OK)

Mail delivery is electric cars and motorcycles, the opening of charging facilities of the post office is also environment YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Automobile, switching sequentially with guidance as 2015)

Adult pertussis, increased at the worst pace in the past: NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Health, adults are mild, but they are dangerous if they are infected by children)

Marathon swimming: a new event from the Beijing Olympics, a test tournament in the park - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Sports, no competitors from Japan)

Disney's popular character "Buzz Light Year", Space Shuttle News to Space - CNET Japan(Note, Buzz Lightyear who goes really infinitely beyond)

OK in the summer without clothes and chestnuts OK, "Monk version Cool Biz" begins Environment YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Work, looking like an ordinary salaried man if it is a shirt)

Bags are stolen from police cars ... Police officers are in charge of duties in Mie Social YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, how do you get to thinking of stealing something inside a police car?)

Real-time generation of stereoscopic images with 64 cameras Hitachi and Tokyo Univ. New technology - ITmedia News(Note, a system that can be seen on a general personal computer)

Japan_internet_com Daily research - Electronic money using contactless IC cards, owners 51_7%(Note, "Edy" which has the highest possession rate)

"Sutto-kun" opposing character is "Manta-kun" - ITmedia News(New character chosen by memo, net voting etc.)

Next time genuine: self portrait drawing on the ground using GPS WIRED VISION(There is no choice but to use the aircraft to draw beautiful lines with memos and GPS)

CNN_co_jp: U.S. Martian explorer site tampered with hacking(The net, the signature of the news changes to the name of the person who hacked)

WIRED VISION to verify the theory that the "Great blackout in the USA is cyber terror in China"(Net, whatever you can blame hackers ... ...)

CNN_co_jp: Planning a paper money spread from an airplane with a new publication, over 1 million yen(I want you to do it even in Japan by all means publicity)

Japan_internet_com Web Business - Yahoo! Bookmark has SEO effect?(Although it is a service of Yahoo! as a net service, but few users currently)

Trembling arrest at Transformers T-shirt: Junk Gallery(Note, Transformer handle is "aggressive")

Try on "bandage pants" and "bandage shorts" with men and women! What is the comfort that you forget to be on? - Nikkei Trendy Net(Memo, underwear of material made from bandage)

Universal Studios: 10 people injured by fire - US Jungzhou - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(Memo, it took half a day to extinguish the fire, and the set which was exhibited was burned down several times)

| ^^ | Second Publication SUNDAY | What a real existence! Disneyland underground passage leaks(Photo, so-called commercial passage)

Chinese government introduces regulations on plastic bags Excite News(Overseas, thin plastic bags banned)

Akiba Blog returned to livedoor blog :: [Akiba Blog](Blog, because I thought that Livedoor started doing something interesting)

The first episode of animation "Telepathy Girl Orchid" is released(Anime, NHK animation broadcasting started from June 21)

Hokuto no Ken: "Hidaruboru" is a prize "popular character of" Kempu kill "" Heart-sama "(Eita web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(I feel old-fashioned nostalgia in memos and product designs themselves)

"Sergeant cafe" squirrel wears a demon sergeant! Yes! [Akiba Blog](Note, customers are "recruits" and must obey the order)

PS2 "Oku Ko", Famitsu cross review, a total of 13 points of historical achievement! : Runner's High!: So-net blog(Game, valuable shit kugeki ordered score with "Death Crimson")

TAKARATOMY and Gonzo Rosso sign a business alliance to jointly develop online games - Famitsu _ com(I can not imagine a memo, an online game of "Rika chan" or "yatterman")

"Dragon Quest V The bride of the sky" Some friends turned out - Famitsu _ com(Game, Monster of Dragon Quest 8 is added)

Since I can not hold it anymore, I will go to Daishabader at Gae senton: Waranote(Darth Vader of a memo, atmosphere that seems to be able to do anything)

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