3G compatible iPhone released in June released from SOFTBANK MOBILE

Apple's mobile phone "iPhone" which has long been waiting for sale in Japan, its 3G compatible modelIt was said that "it will appear within a few months" as of AprilIt may be announced in early June.

And it may be released from SOFTBANK MOBILE.

Details are as below.
3G iPhone for Japan Via SoftBank Mobile by Wireless Watch Japan

According to this article, from June 9th to 13th, Apple will hold a meeting in San Francisco "Apple Worldwide Developers Conference"It seems that iPhone corresponding to 3G may be announced.

In Japan, it is thought that it will be released from NTT docomo or SoftBank Mobile which adopts the same communication method as 3G compatible iPhone, but SoftBank Mobile, not NTT DoCoMo, will release it.

In addition, as soon as Softbank Mobile's new model for summer sales will be announced, as usualAu's new model presentation which is expected to take place on Tuesday, June 3If you do not do a recital on the afternoon of the afternoon, the possibility to announce the launch of the iPhone along with the release of the new model on June 9 (June 10 in Japan time) on which the "Apple Worldwide Developers Conference" will be held There may be.

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