Game Boy Advance transformed like a monster in a microwave

It is an art work that puts Game Boy Advance in a microwave oven and warms thoroughly, making it look like a monster. The exterior looks like it melts in the muddy, but it seems to work for the time being.

The movie which can be heated with the microwave oven is as follows. I will introduce Game Boy Advance to the range. Because it is dangerous, please do not manage.
YouTube - Microwaved Mutant Gameboy Advance

Smoke rises from the range.

Game Boy Advance has become disgusting when opening the door.

And it looks like a monster.
Photograph of my Microwaved Mutant Gameboy Advance on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Whether it is the same as Game Boy Advance in the range is doubtful, but the last picture Game Boy Advance is composed of 33% Beast, 42% Alien, 11% Radiation and 56% Game Machine . Unexpected fit may be good.

By the way, putting a cell phone in range will cause something like a demon to come out so please be careful. (This movie has age verification)
YouTube - Cell Phone In Microwave

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