Today, the month of the monthly "Windows Update" every month, 4 cases in total

Windows security updates and bug fixes that are updated monthly have been delivered. This month we have 4 urgent 3 cases and 1 important case combined. We have solved the problem of remote code execution by vulnerability in Word and Publisher, so let's update it soon.

Windows Update

Details are as follows.
Security information of May 2008

MS08-026 - Urgent: Vulnerability in Microsoft Word could allow remote code execution (951207)

MS08-027 - Urgent: Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Publisher could allow remote code execution (951208)

MS08-028 - Urgent: Vulnerability in Microsoft Jet Database Engine could allow remote code execution (950749)

MS08-029 - Warning: Vulnerability in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine could cause denial of service (952044)

If you try to update on Windows XP, you are advised to install SP3, but if you are still unnecessary, install only other updates.

Next time will be available on Wednesday, June 11.

Security information release schedule

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