Suntory releases "Pepsi Blue Hawaii" for a limited time only from June 10

Suntory decided to release "Pepsi Blue Hawaii" on a limited time only on Tuesday, June 10. Green color last yearPepsi Ice CucumberAlthough it was, it seems that we won the game in blue this year.

Details are as follows.
"Pepsi Blue Hawaii" Limited Release - Pleasant fragrance of pineapple and lemon and Pepsi with a refreshing aftertaste appeared -

It seems that it becomes a product of a refined aftertaste to the ornate scent of pineapple and lemon, and the package is bright and open thing that motif of the southern country beach motif. The price is 140 yen with a 490 ml bottle.

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Please see the following article for the result of drinking.

I tried drinking the blue carbonated drink "Pepsi Blue Hawaii" - GIGAZINE

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