A beautiful picture taken in the water that can give a free pose

It is a photograph taken underwater by UK photographer Zena Holloway. It seems that you can take a free pose because it is underwater, from photographs with transparency to pictures of a dark atmosphere, it is finished in a fantastic work.

Details are as below. The model is like a statue.

Rhythmic gymnastics underwater.

An underwater angel.

Expression of feathers is amazing.

Brilliance like the advertisement of LCD television.

It seems to be a jacket for the album.

A diver that can swarm like a fish.

There is also a picture of a refreshing atmosphere.

There is a scary person.

Horse riding in the water.

A foot that looks like a fin.

Mr. Holloway is also responsible for various advertising photos. This is a soccer brandAmbroAdvertisement.

There is a feeling of smooth feeling and moist feelingHerbal essenceAdvertisement.


Many other pictures can be seen from this link as well.
Zena Holloway Underwater Photographer & Director

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