A blind male's wife is arrested after downloading a "show it to her husband" porn movie

A blind man's wife was arrested for downloading porn movies "to show to her husband".

The police seems to have found a porn movie when searching for another in a separate case, and Primus Crown Court announces that three children's porn movies, which seems to be about 8 years old, were downloaded.

Details are as below.BBC NEWS England Devon Blind man's wife described porn

Sylvia Pearce (59) who lives in the British Ivy Bridge seems to admit that he downloaded a child's obscene movie. Sylvia claimed to have downloaded the movie and intended to show her husband as a joke.

According to a court lawyer she is an innocent woman, "It was discovered by chance in the middle of the net", and my grandmother recommended to the court that the idea of ​​child pornography is detestable for Sylvia I asked for commutation.

However, the judge dismissed the recommendation that "Sylvia accurately recognized his behavior, which is disgusting because it is extremely disgusting." Mr. Sylvia was shot for two months for each movie for 8 months, and ordered to sign the sex offender record. Justice says that Sylvia was elderly and immediately sent to prison if he was not looking after her husband.

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